Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe, Soft Pack, Scented (Pack of 30) by Bedside-Care EasiCleanse

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Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe, Soft Pack, Scented (Pack of 30)


Bath Wipe Bedside-Care® EasiCleanse™ Soft Pack Sodium Cocoyl Isathionate / Panthenol Scented 30 Count
  • No-rinse, self-foaming, gentle, disposable washcloth used for all-body cleansing.
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing, pH-balanced, latex- and preservative-free.
  • May be used for bedside bathing, am/pm cleanup, partial baths, and other skin cleansing needs.

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