Garlic - 100:1 Natural Deodorized Bulb Powder Extract (Allium sativum L.), 10 kg (10 kg (22 lb)) by Prescribed For Life

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Garlic - 100:1 Natural Deodorized Bulb Powder Extract (Allium sativum L.), 10 kg (10 kg (22 lb))


Deodorized Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is odorless and has been acclaimed for its benefits in supporting a healthy immune system, helping to balance circulation and respiratory processes, and its natural anti-aging properties. This 100:1 Garlic Powder Extract in its deodorized form may also be used as a spice or seasoning, but compared to regular garlic there will be little to no change in the overall taste. This ingredient may be added to foods and beverages or smoothies and green drinks and is a light-tan-to-brown powder. PFL Non-GMO Pesticide Free powder extracts are not ETO Treated or Gamma Irradiated. Some typically gummy, oily or damp extracts require an anti-caking agent to maintain its powder form. Non-GMO and/or Organic Tapioca maltodextrins are typically used, in as small amounts as possible. If used, PFL will list it on our label. Most extracts require its use, whether other suppliers disclose it or not. Review the safety article at Prescribed For Life for more information.
  • Don't let the smell of garlic keep you from enjoying its healthy properties. Prescribed for Life's 100:1 natural deodorized garlic bulb powder can help with blood sugar imbalances and...

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